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Monday, April 4, 2011 | 4/04/2011 02:26:00 AM | 0 panda

Happy 47th birthday mummy ! 
Selamat Hari jadi mama !
Saeng-il chuka hamnida omma ! :) 

hehe mama , you're the best mum in the world ! nobody can ever replace you mum . you're my super duper mum ever ! 
I LOVE YOU ! SARANGHEI ! WO AI NI ! emuahhhhh <3 :-*

mum , this is for you (^_^)

If I could give you diamonds
for each tear you cried for me
If I could give you sapphires
for each truth you’ve helped me see
If I could give you rubies
for the heartache that you’ve known
If I could give you pearls
for the wisdom that you’ve shown
Then you’ll have a treasure, mother,
that would mount up to the skies
That would almost match
the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes
But I have no pearls, no diamonds,
As I’m sure you’re well aware
So I’ll give you gifts more precious
My devotion, love and care
With all my love
on your birthday

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